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My Assets is an all in one Personal Asset Document Store for multiple Asset Owners per household. Each and every Asset has it’s individual details captured including images of the item and the packaging. It stores the Asset’s invoice and supporting documentation such as Warranties.
My Assets provides many multi-user friendly reports.


My Assets Purpose

  • The Household can have more than one Asset owner at the property location. My Assets will allow you to enter information per asset owner and report on individual Assets but keep a record of all assets stored at the asset location.
  • My Assets provides you with accurate up-to-date information that would be required for insurance purposes or Legal purposes.
  • Supports both new and out of hand (Second Hand) purchases and allows you to enter your best estimate value of the second hand goods.
  • My Assets will load most image formats of any size. (bmp, jpg, jpeg, png, RAW, gif, tif, ico - format).
  • My Assets Stores the invoice number for new invoices and will accept Serial numbers / Registration Numbers for items such as notebooks or Motor Vehicles. You can Store your invoice and supporting documents in any format. This will become your document bank and document proof. These documents can be viewed or printed when required.
  • Many reports are available to view or print with full Asset Value totals.

The Database

  • My Assets interfaces with a SQLite Database. The Database is propriety Encrypted (AES 256) for maximized safety against prying eyes.
  • No license fees are required to keep the Database from operating.

Version Details Change Date
MyAsset Version 2.2.0 Upgraded GUI 18 July 2018

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