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Sequential Sales Three different versions namely Starter, POS and PRO version designed to fit your business requirement. The Sales Application manages Creditors and Debtors. Easily process Proforma Invoices, Sales Orders and Sales Invoices. Capture Stock, Create Proforma Orders and Creditor Invoices. Printable reports keeps you in touch with your business.


Sales - What it Does?

  • Sequential Sales Starter, POS and PRO versions to suite your business.
  • Only one company for the starter, set up many companies for the the larger versions.
  • Includes a calender with the application. Allows invoicing from calender appointments.
  • Set up Customer information by Customer.
  • Set up Supplier information by Supplier.
  • Inventory module to capture inventory includes barcodes or set up non inventory items.
  • Capture Supplier invoices.
  • Capture proforma invoices,sales orders, debit orders and sales invoices.
  • Set up employees with commission options.


  • Pull reports for all areas.
  • Snap shot of the business can be viewed through a dashboard.

Version Details Change Date
Sequential Sales Version 2.0.1 Updated GUI 22 October 2018

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