Sequential Sales Launches three versions.

Posted on January 22, 2018 by Chromelink Solutions Category: SequentialApps.

Sequential Sales has launched three versions namely Starter, POS and PRO designed to fit your size business need.

These applications target the Windows 10 platform but the applications are backwards compatible to XP.

Checkout the Product information if you are looking for a version that suites your business requirements.

My Payroll Launches on Windows platform.

Posted on August 12, 2017 by Chromelink Solutions Category: MyApps.

According to Stats SA recently, domestic workers accounted for 7.8% of the South African workforce. BusinessTech in July 2016 announced that there are currently 984,000 domestic workers in South Africa.
Often the head of the household (traditional wage payer) tends to be time strapped therefore not focused on keeping accurate written records of a domestic worker. Many households have a domestic worker who works from one day to five days per week. There are many Employers who are generally ignorant of the Labor act regarding Domestic Workers.
Hence many Employers don't know if and when UIF is payable and what eligible leave, sick leave or family responsible leave is due / available to the Employee. This is where My Payroll Application becomes the householders assistant. It can control up to 5 Domestic Workers Payroll's. My Payroll records weekly wages,sick leave,leave taken an family responsible leave for daily rates or Hourly rates including monthly live in domestics and will deduct the live in room rental you are allowed to charge. Check out My Payroll.

Sequential Sales due to launch in December 2016.

Posted on August 15, 2016 by Chromelink Solutions Category: SequentialApps.

The awaited Sequential Sales due to be launched in December 2016 for the Windows Platform. The application is currently undertaking final beta testing. Pricing has not been confirmed although a launch special is planned. Further details will be released closer to to launch date.

My Assets for the home launches on Windows platform.

Posted on July 20, 2016 by Chromelink Solutions Category: MyApps.

If Asked the Question? What is the value of your Home Assets that you own, or Asked if you had an Asset list? Most householders would only be able to respond with a Rough estimate!

  • It's Not easy to provide your Home Insurer exactly the value of each Asset by room and by individual who lives in the house. Can you prove that you bought a nice 55" flat screen TV . If only you had an Invoice, a Picture or had kept the Packaging when you claimed against a theft. You could loose money through this process. Proving the cost of your household Assets to the Assessor could be tricky on a large theft claim. You could be left loosing money if you were under Insured.
  • Married Out of Community of Property, it becomes a gray area to determine who's Assets' belong to which householder.

Well look no further. My Assets will record your assets, store an image of both product and packaging. Allows internal store of Invoices in any format and supporting documentation. Print many friendly documents to PDF, Word and Excel.
It records assets by householder by household. This means that individual Asset recording will ensure that you can easily track the values of assets by each room. Check out My Assets for further information.