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My Vault stores all your private passwords and user details in one safe place. All data is stored in a 256 AES Encrypted Database. This will help to prevent traditional trojans, malware or viruses from gaining access to your data. Still unsure of the cloud, then this is the correct application for you. Only One password for Many! This make it so much easier.


The App's Purpose

  • If you need to store your passwords in one place such as your Windows device, My Vault will tick the boxes.
  • My Vault stores all user names, passwords, the Device/Application used and extra information.
  • The Sqlite Database has proprietary AES 256 encryption. This encryption standard meets USA requirements. The database does not require license fees therefore the application can be used indefinitely depending on Window's future platforms.
  • The database is easily backed up in your documents folder and easily restored This ensures that you do not loose your valuable data.
  • Print or save your password details as a Word, Excel, or PDF format. It is advisable to use this option sparingly and that the document will have to be kept in a safe place from prying eyes.
  • User name and password can be easily transferred to a opened Website or another opened Application. This allows error free entering of large random based passwords or user names.
  • My Vault is only as strong as the password to open the Application. No designer 'back door' to access the database is in place. Loss of the Login Password will result in indefinite loss of Database access in the future. The good news is that you only have one password to remember. So you will have to keep this one safe and handy.

Version Details Change Date
My Vault V2 2.1.0. Upgraded GUI 20 July 2018

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