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Sequential Assets manages all recorded assets and accurately logs all asset depreciation of your small to medium sized business. This highly automated user friendly package quickly creates results that are needed for your Business or Accountant at the end of every Month,Financial Year, Vat Year or Annually. The Assets Monthly Depreciation Life Cycle is accurately calculated. The Application produces many different reports that can be created in PDF, Word and Excel Format.


Sequential Assets - What it Does?

  • Sequential Assets processes all your Company Assets by processing Monthly Depreciation. It tracks disposed Assets. View / Print Active Assets and of Disposed Assets Reports. Track Monthly Depreciation Values by Asset. Allow Multiple Users to Process Assets. Reports including User Processes.

    The Asset Process

    • Preset the Asset Categories with Depreciation Percentages and Year's depreciation. Use one of three Depreciation methods.
    • Capture Multiple Assets by Invoice No.
    • Each Asset attracts an individual Asset Serial number that can be used to identify the Asset.
    • Allocate the correct Depreciation Method for each Asset.
    • Capture an Assets image and include an image of the packaging for insurance purposes.
    • Store documentation directly such as Copy Invoice and supporting documents in any format Pdf,word,excel... etc and view these documents at any time.
    • Process Monthly Depreciation. All depreciation can be viewed or printed in your preferred format i.e. by Annual Year, Business Cycle , or Tax Year. Preset these settings up-front once.
    • Capture an Asset and set the actual start date. Re-editing of the Asset is allowed until Actual start date.
    • Print various Reports and convert data to your favorite format Word, Excel and PDF.

    Disposing of Assets

    • Dispose an individual Asset with a Selected disposal method such as Scrapped etc. Disposal methods can be set to your Businesses Individual Requirements.
    • Print various reports and convert data to your favorite format Word, Excel and PDF.

Version Details Change Date
Sequential Assets Version 2.3.1 Upgraded GUI 10 October 2018

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